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Dissertation Lounge is focused on offering unique professional academic writing services. The company has stepped into the field of academic writing help to offer students an exceptional quality with 100% non-plagiarised work. We offer diverse services, such as Dissertation help, Assignment help Coursework help, Essay help with the help of our highly qualified writers from one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom. Students can be certain that they would receive nothing less than 90% (First-class).

Our Team

We have hired individuals who hold Masters, PhD and Doctorate degrees which mean your project is prepared by expert writers who have complete knowledge of their specific field along with the grading criteria of UK universities. A basic format comprises of title page, table of content, captions, bibliography, and references. It is all about putting your trust on us and having the confidence that when we edit your work, we ensure to provide you nothing but a masterpiece that makes you shine from rest of the people in the crowd.

The Freebies

We believe in going the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. You might come across many writing services that charge you for even basic formatting of the paper. We are different from them. For us, we believe the customer has the right to basic formatting requirements and thus, they should not be charged for it. We offer you the following freebies – at no extra cost at all:

  • Sentence structuring
  • Grammar check
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Punctuation check
  • Spelling check
  • Accuracy & clarity
  • Line spacing

Our Services

We believe only in original work and thus, have been providing several students around the world with help regarding their academic woes with superior quality. For every student, the aim is to attain the highest marks and this requires work that achieves the highest standards of the academic norms. With our Academic writing service UK, the student can be sure that he is bound to get the only quality paper from us which will be prepared as per the given guidelines from the student. Our team of professional academic writers focus on completing the paper within the given deadline making certain that each criterion of the assignment is completed with the anticipated results.

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Projects are a crucial part of a student’s academic career. The way a project is prepared and completed, it has an impact on the way an individual’s career is made. There are numerous academic writing services that offer dissertation writing help. However, we are proud to inform you that we understand the different types of projects a student would require. We offer an undergraduate, master’s, and PhD project help, along with proofreading/editing of an already prepared dissertation.

Undergraduate An undergraduate project is mainly focused on writing and researching about one particular subject area. These types of projects are completed in the final year of the student’s degree program. Moreover, the topic chosen for the undergraduate project is student’s own choice.
Masters A master’s project is a lengthy written study for which the student chooses the topic. The student is provided with ample amount of time to complete the research and writing of the study. Along these lines, a faculty member is assigned to the student to help with the project from start to finish.
PhD A PhD project is mainly about the student completing his doctoral study. Usually, a PhD or other doctoral degree is done, once the student has completed his coursework and has passed significant exams related to his courses.
Proofreading / Editing Proofreading/editing of any document is mainly making certain that the document is free from any kind of grammatical errors, errors in sentence structure, along with checking the compliance of the document. Dissertation Lounge provides this particular service to its customers. All you have to do is provide us with your prepared document that requires proofreading and editing, our experts will provide you with a complete furnished document free from any type of errors.

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There are numerous students out there who are assigned with submitting their project within a specific deadline, which is normally at the end of academic semesters. Students have to make certain that their custom dissertation help is not about submitting it on time. They must make certain that it comprises of in-depth research and data analysis. This would show to the college and university that the student has worked hard on his project. For some students, writing their project can be a difficult task which can lead them to not being able to complete it on time; thus, lacking behind the submission deadline. At such point, taking help from legit dissertation writing services UK is the most appropriate step to take.
We believe in helping out students who are facing project woes with our services. We have proficient experts who provide the finest quality in online dissertation writing and deliver the work well before the deadline. When you opt for us, we ensure that our custom UK dissertation is free from any kind of error or compliance issues. We understand that not every customer that comes to us can pay a huge amount for their project to be completed, and so we have kept extremely cheap prices. By using our UK dissertation writing services, you can be certain that your troubles will be taken care of with ease!

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When we say that we are the top dissertation writing service, we are not just bragging it without any fact; we say it proudly because we have the highly qualified writers working for us. We believe in providing our customers with numerous benefits. Along with quality work due to which we have several clients around the world having confidence in our services. Our main focus is to provide only original work and delivering them on the given deadline by the customer. We offer top-of-the-line dissertation help UK which will make your project writing an extremely easy task.
Students are not able to indulge in other activities due to being committed to complete their project on time. By making use of our service, students can take part in other activities and not be worried about their project at all. You must be wondering what makes our dissertation writing help better than those services that are being offered all over the Internet?

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We are all about offering our customers only supreme quality work. By taking our help, clients can be certain that they will only receive customised work that includes all the significant chapters of their project. Our service has a separate quality assurance department which proofreads and edits the documents within the system before it gets delivered to clients. This means that they do not have to worry about fixing any errors themselves. We offer perks that are absolutely free of any cost, and only helps in making your work completed in the finest way:

  • Referencing and citations as per guidelines (Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA, among others) – FREE
  • Title page and headings with subheadings – FREE
  • Proofreading and editing by our QA department – FREE
  • Bibliography – FREE
  • Unlimited revisions until customer is satisfied with work – FREE
  • And much more features.

Are You Confused Between Traditional Dissertation And Complex Dissertation? Are You Not Able To Figure Out Which One Is Yours And What It Should Include? Allow Dissertation Lounge To Help You!

Our professional dissertation writers UK are aware of the different types of projects that are required from students by their professors. Some students require traditional dissertation writing services which comprise of basic aspects. It should be noted that different projects require different headings. This can also mean that basic criteria might not be added in all types of projects. Traditional version comprises of:

Literature Review
Findings, Analysis and Discussion
Conclusion and Recommendations

On the other hand, complex version comprises of chapters that are mainly related to the technical aspect of the topic. It does not follow the traditional formal structure. These chapters are approved by the university guidelines. The complex version has the following chapters:

Literature Review
Introduction, Methods, Result, Discussion
Data Analysis
Use of software SPSS, Nvivo, SAS, MatLab, etc.
Results and Findings

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